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The New Face of Airfoil

Managing Director of Airfoil, Adam Carney is pleased to announce the following changes to the management structure effective from February 28, 2019.

David Henderson is to become the new General Manager of Airfoil Australia and Steve Lottey will become the National Sales Manager.

These changes were precipitated by the departure of the current General Manager, Steven Misfud, after over 13 years of service to the company.

“All of us at Airfoil thank Steven Misfud for his valuable contribution to the success of the company and we wish him well.” Said Adam Carney, Managing Director of Airfoil. “With Steve Mifsud moving on, I’m very excited to have the opportunity to refresh the leadership of Airfoil with a team of the most experienced professionals in the industry, Steve Lottey and David Henderson.”

Steve Lottey has thirteen years of service at Airfoil in the sales department and has worked closely with project managers on many of Airfoil’s large-scale jobs such as Macquarie Park Village and Sundale Apartments. He remarked “I am extremely happy to be promoted to Australian Sales Manager. Airfoil was created with the insight and innovative thinking of its founders. It’s been built into a market leader because of the years of commitment of an entire team. I look forward to shaping the future of Airfoil with the whole team.”

David Henderson has twenty five years’ experience in the air diffusion industry and specialises in large commercial projects such as Barangaroo, Darling Harbour Live and Avantra Towers. He stated, “TROX has been an important inclusion to the Airfoil offer over the last several years and I’m proud to be heading the department. I’m enthusiastic about being promoted to my new role as General Manager of Australia. Our customer base in NSW is super strong, but we take nothing for granted. I am looking forward to improving and expanding on our management systems even further”.

These changes have been implemented through a planned and deliberate transition to identify, recruit, and train personnel to ensure the new team was fully prepared for their new roles.

David Henderson who worked closely with Steven Misfud during his years at Airfoil, added “Steven Misfud leaves us in a very strong position; with an expanded executive and sales team plus a rock-solid manufacturing process. I intend to use this position to consolidate and advance the positive systems that are currently in place.

“If Steve Mifsud hasn’t had a chance to introduce us personally, I encourage our clients to contact me, David Henderson or any of our sales staff. We’ll be very happy to continue to service their needs.”

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Airfoil is the Home of TROX


Airfoil’s vision is to redefine the service levels for the Australian air diffusion industry in 2017. We want our customers to have access to our products as soon as possible after ordering, therefore, we keep 80,000 of Airfoil’s standard products in stock at all times. We’ve now added 20,000 standard products from the TROX range. This enables us to slash lead times, secure delivery schedules and give customers peace of mind when ordering from all of our standard product range.

Carrying TROX box

Slash Lead Times on TROX Products

When Airfoil took over the primary distributorship of TROX products in May 2016, the lead time for any TROX standard product was 12 weeks, sometimes longer. Airfoil prides itself on living up to our motto “Making it happen sooner” and as a market leader, we look for ways to make our customers life easier and more productive. It just made sense that Airfoil should stock standard TROX products for our customers. Now we can immediately deliver the standard products from our specially build storage facility in our Sydney Factory Complex. So now the lead time on TROX standard products is slashed to 5 to 7 days. No more waiting, no more worrying about shipments. Just order and they will arrive on time.

Airfoil’s Managing Director, Adam Carney met with TROX CEO, Chairman and President of TROX Asia and Pacific Operations (APO) Pieter Jooste at the Airfoil factory complex in Sydney to discuss the strategy and partnership in August 2016.


Secure Delivery Pipeline

We are the only manufacturer and distributor in the sector to have Quality Assured Systems. This provides us with the framework to deliver the best service in the industry. Any mistakes are logged and corrected. An internal audit is performed monthly and an official audit by SAI Global every six months. You can have confidence that we are continually improving our processes to provide you with better service.

Peace of Mind

In 2016 Airfoil Manufacturing celebrates its 40th year of business as Australia’s leading manufacturer of air diffusion products. With the TROX product range, Airfoil has the widest range of air diffusion products available under one roof in Australia. We have supported this expansion in products with investment in people with the right knowledge to assist you.

Featured Products in Stock

Banner_VAV box_1200TROX VARYCONTROL Type TVB-SSP is a pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal unit. It’s widely used for volume flow control of supply air in VAV systems with high level of technical and acoustical requirements. It can be supplied with electric heater and hot water coil and fabricated/tested with any free-issued controller. What gives TROX VAV Boxes the advantage is that they are tested and calibrated in the factory, not at the commission stage. This saves time and reduces the cost of installation.

Banner_Swirl Diffuser_1200

TROX Swirl diffuser type TCS is supplied with either circular or square face plate. The TCS offers high volume flow rate at low sound power levels. Due to the horizontal swirl-type discharge of the supply air, induction of room air occurs very quickly, resulting in a rapid decay of supply air velocity and temperature differential. A high level of comfort is acheived. The type TCS can be used for either supply or extract air application, suitable for both constant and variable volume flow systems.

Banner_Slot Diffuser_1200

The VSD35 is TROX’s adjustable slot diffuser with aesthetically designed face sections. The diffusers face is a one piece extrusion so there are no visible joints. The low overall height means that the slot diffusers are particularly suitable for use in restricted ceiling voids and in suspended ceiling systems. The VSD35 type slot diffuser is characterised by high induction that results in a rapid decay in supply air temperature differential and air discharge velocity.

The Complete Package

Airfoil provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all your air diffusion products. We stock over 100,000 standard products in the Airfoil and TROX ranges. TROX lead times on standard products have been slashed from 12 weeks to 5 to 7 days. This immediate supply chain is supported by the fastest turn a round times for custom manufacturing in the industry. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your next order.

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Airfoil Sponsors Crest Golf Day

Airfoil was delighted to once again to be a major sponsor of the Crest Charity Golf Day at the Riverside Oaks Golf Course on the 4th November 2016. Airfoil sponsored two holes on the day, the $50,000 ‘hole in one’ and a new car ‘hole in one’. The Airfoil team in the photo above at the $50,000 hole in one (from left) Kevin Hadfield, Dave Henderson, Adam Carney and Crest MD Andrew Johnson.

All the money raised went to Anglicare. https://www.anglicare.org.au/


Anglicare reaches out with care that meets need of the marginalised and socially excluded through services and advocacy. Airfoil is proud to be associated with such a respected and valuable charity.

“It was a great day and it’s a pleasure to be involved with a fun charity event like the Crest Golf Day. I’d like to thank Crest for organising it, specifically Andrew Johnson, Mark Hopping and Natalie Singh.”

Adam Carney Airfoil, MD

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Queensland Branch Now Open

Airfoil is excited to announce that we have opened a branch in Rocklea, Queensland. The branch will service customers in Queensland, but also across the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Redefine levels of service for the industry

Airfoil’s vision is to redefine the service levels for the Australian air diffusion industry. We want our customers to have access to our products as soon as possible after ordering, therefore, we hold all standard products in stock. This enables lead times to be cut, delivery schedules to be secure and customers to have peace of mind.

Cut Lead Times on Custom Manufactured Items

We have the best lead times for custom manufactured items in the industry: 7-10 days. Airfoil prides itself on living up to our motto “Making it happen sooner” and as a market leader, we have never turned down a challenging job. We look for quality solutions that will fit into the timeframe and budget. There is no job too small or too big. We have recently expanded the factory complex at Moorebank Sydney to 8,000 square metres and have invested in our own transport logistics to make sure products are delivered on time.


Secure Delivery Pipeline

We are the only manufacturer in the sector to have Quality Assured Systems. This provides us with the framework to deliver a consistent product across the board. Any mistakes are logged and corrected. An internal audit is performed monthly and an official audit by SAI Global every six months. You can have confidence that we are continually improving our manufacturing processes to provide you with better service.


Peace of Mind

The Queensland branch is staffed by three very experienced professionals in the air diffusion industry with over 40 years of combined know-how; Rob Johnstone (General Manager), Jeremy Irving (National Business Development Manager) and Andrew Gray (Sales Manager). Rob Johnstone has been with Airfoil for nearly 20 years and knows Airfoil products inside out. Jeremy Irving has been a senior manager of multiple branches and a national business development manager in the HVAC industry for over 10 years. Andrew Gray has 10 years experience working for several major HVAC suppliers in Queensland. They will bend over backwards to manage your project and make sure your orders will arrive on time.


Airfoil is always competitive on price. We are the largest air diffusion manufacturer in our sector and offer the widest range of products in Australia, therefore we can offer the best prices for small and large customers.

For your next order contact Rob Johnstone on 0422 193 359 or email salesqld@airfoil.com.au. You can always visit us at the new our branch located at 1/13 Natasha Street, Capalaba, QLD 4175.

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Airfoil’s new catalogue is now avaliable

Airfoil knows that the right information is critical to your job. You need it at your fingertips. You don’t have the time to login for a data sheet or fumble through a badly designed catalogue. To be true to our motto “making it happen sooner” we’ve redesigned our product information pathways. A new website that puts simplicity and functionality at the centre of your experience and a new catalogue that is formatted for digital and analogue work spaces.

Man holding tablet

The printed catalogue has been designed to withstand life in the ute and on the worksite. Information is easily accessed, simple design for photocopying and rugged enough to be thrown in the toolbox. Please contact sales on (02) 9601 1066 or email sales@airfoil.com.au to order a copy.

The website and digital catalogue allows you to access the information in the way you want. Download the whole catalogue from the website to your computer or mobile device for later reference. Or just access on the website for individual product data sheets as needed. Our new website is fully responsive, so you can even use your mobile to get the information you want.

Always keep up-to-date with progress at Airfoil with the news section, updated photo galleries and featured projects. We hope these changes to the speed, access and quality of Airfoil’s product information make your work life easier and make it happen sooner!

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Airfoil is now TROX’s Primary Dealer in Australia

Airfoil is excited to announce that we are now the Primary Dealer for TROX products in Australia from the 10th of May 2016.

TROX is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of air conditioning components, devices and systems. With subsidiary companies in 28 countries on all five continents, TROX boasts 14 production facilities and is present in over 70 countries. TROX products have been used in some of Australia’s flagship construction projects such as Sydney’s Barangaroo, which is the largest construction project in the Southern Hemisphere.

“Managing Director Adam Carney and his highly trained and experienced Airfoil team have a proud 40 year history in the Manufacturing of Air Diffusion Products And Accessories. Airfoil is the only Quality Endorsed Company ISO 9001 (SAI Global) in the Manufacturing Air Diffusion Sector within Australia. With their commitment to quality, turn around times and customer service we believe that Airfoil is a great match for our TROX products.”

Tony Wood-Collier, Director Business Development, TROX Australia Pty Ltd

Airfoil’s Managing Director, Adam Carney, and the Airfoil team are excited to announce the TROX Primary Dealership.

“TROX products and equipment are globally renowned in the industry and we are proud to be chosen as their Primary Dealer. With TROX, we are looking forward to being able to provide the most extensive product range on the market here in Australia.”

Adam Carney MD, Airfoil.

For any general inquiries about TROX products please contact Airfoil’s General Manager, David Henderson on (02) 9601 1066 or via email with david (at) airfoil.com.au.

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Celebrating 40 years in business

Airfoil was established by the late Phillip Carney Senior and his wife, Anita Carney, in 1976. We’re proudly celebrating our 40th year in business in 2016.

Airfoil’s mission then was to manufacture the best quality Air Diffusion products in the fastest lead times. During the course of 4 decades in business we have stayed true to our original 1976 motto of “making it happen sooner”.

Phil Carney owned and managed Airfoil from 1976 to 2007. He built the business on unrivalled customer service. His premature passing in 2008 led to the business being managed by his son Phil Carney Junior and then younger son, Adam Carney. Adam is now the Managing Director and sole owner of Airfoil.

In 2016, Airfoil has the largest Air Diffusion Manufacturing facility in Australia. Set on 4.5 acres of industrial property at Moorebank, Sydney, the complex has 7,800 square metres of factory floor.

Service is still at the fore front of everything that we do.

Airfoil would like to thank all of our customers for their continued patronage and looks forward to providing the same unrivalled service, excellent quality and unsurpassed lead times for the next 40 years.

Map of complex

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Flexible duct is now manufactured in our Sydney factory

We are excited to announce Airfoil’s duct is now manufactured and warehoused in our factory complex at Moorebank Sydney and can be customised to any specification.

We stock over 20,000 lengths of insulated duct at all times. Our extensive range includes all sizes of nude core and insulated flexible duct to R0.6, R1.0, R1.5, R2.0 in both 3 zero and 4 zero types. All manufactured to Australian standards: AS4254 & 1530.3 We have the best lead time in the industry. Because we stock a comprehensive range in house, lead time is immediate.

For a catalogue or general enquiries about Airfoil products please contact Airfoil’s General Manager, Steven Mifsud on (02) 9601 1066 or via email at steve@airfoil.com.au.

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