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Type AFG

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The AFG Type floor grille is developed to be mounted on raised floor systems to match typical 600mm by 600mm floor tiles, to supply cooling to computer rooms or data centers where cooling load is high. Two different types of sub-frame are available to suit different raised floor systems typically available in the market.

This is heavy duty floor grille capable of taking high static load and is robust in construction.

The floor grille was tested independently for:
A. Uniform distributed load test at 12kN/m³
B. Static load (Concentrated Load): Tested at 4.5 kN over an area of 25 mm x 25 mm.
C. Safety load: The sample was successfully tested at 13.5 kN at the centre of the grille over an area of 25 mm x 25.
D. Soft Body Impact Test: The grille did not collapse

The above tests were conducted in accordance with UK´s standard MOB PF2 PS/SPU: 1992. The core of the floor grille is in mill finish. the grille can be supplied with either 0° or 15° deflection blade profile. The steel sub-frame below the grille core is painted matt black in RAL 9005 as standard supply.

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